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Laura Tonatto

Italian creativity, French essences: a marriage of perfection



Laura Tonatto’s professional life began in the most prestigious perfumery institutes of El Cairo and Grasse, France, her craft lead her to gain a worldwide clientele: artists, celebrities from the show business but also queens and princes.

Laura Tonatto’s worldwide fame comes both from the creation of fragrance and her initiatives in art and the history of perfumery.

Laura Tonatto’s collection begins with the finest natural essences selected from the French Grasse region which are then hand processed, filtered and packaged in Italy. While embracing modern tastes, resulting in fascinating outcomes, Tonatto respects and adheres to the ancient tradition of the master perfumers from Cairo and Provence. Laura Tonatto fragrances are sophisticated, precious, complex, experimental, and imbued with the very mystery that instinctively attracts us to scent.

Inventive, unique fragrances of unmatched quality in the luxury perfumery industry. Laura Tonatto is not only a brand name but also a highly esteemed perfumer, earning the title of “the Italian Nose”, and creating fragrances for over twenty years.