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Bois 1920

The Elegance of Italian Fragrance




In 1920, Guido Galardi followed his nose and his passion, experimenting with the many perfumes and natural fragrances that had long enchanted him. He soon realized his dream by opening the Bottega Italiana Spigo in Florence, spotlighting his special blends and attracting perfume lovers from all over the region.

Guido’s dream ended and the perfumery closed just five years later in 1925 when his own son, Renato, showed no interest in continuing the family business. Fate skipped a generation for Guido, though, when Renato’s son, Enzo, found himself drawn to the art of fragrance and its structure and he began to study it in earnest as a young teen.



Enzo entered the business in 1985, and in 2005 he founded Bois 1920 in honor of his grandfather, reinterpreting Guido’s original formulas using only the finest raw materials, creating modern and unique scents with true lasting power.



One year after launching Bois 1920 to international acclaim, Enzo Galardi began his new project, Odori. Each perfume in the line is not only pulse-raisingly unique and lasting...they each are the embodiment of Florence, Italy, the first place that Enzo's grandfather Guido opened his small perfumery, Bottega Italia Spigo. From the herbs drying outside the city walls and on quaint home terraces of Florence, to the fragrant, narrow alleys where the ancient Guild of Leather Crafters made their crafts to the soft tobacco-scented hands of the women who work with the leaves, Florence flows through all of his creations. Each perfume is presented in a beautiful wood encased glass bottle, decorated with details of finest leather from Florence, entirely prepared and finished by hand.

A whole collection of Florence aromas are available in six new fragrances by Enzo Galardi. Profumo di Firenze - ODORI encompasses: Cuoio, Spigo, Tabacco, Zafferano, Iris, and Gli Odori. 



In continuing to feature the charm & elegance of Italy and Italian fragrance…

Fashionable Fragrances is delighted to bring you the unique elegance of Bois 1920.