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Press: Sydney to Soho - Leading Aussie Male Grooming Brand VitaMan lands on Manhattens shores




Sydney to Soho Leading Aussie Male Grooming Brand VitaMan lands on Manhattens shores to to share their secret native ingredients responsible for their ruggedly handsome looks with NYC men.

May 26, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- In the tradition of all great pioneers, it has taken 10 years for Australian Men's Grooming brand VitaMan to successfully navigate their way around the globe to eventually land on the shores and hopefully onto the skin of the worlds largest tribe of Ubersexuals!

Having already expanded and taken over bathroom cabinet's of men in 32 countries worldwide, this evolutionary Australian Men's brand has an unmatched competitive edge, due to its utilization of ancient wisdom and a vast & unique array of natural ingredient's going back over 40,000 years. VitaMan was the first Company to research and develop skin and hair care products utilizing potent unique Australian Native Plant, Herb and Fruit extracts that had a huge history of effective use by Australian Indigenous aborigines.

Since launching in 1999, VitaMan (meaning 'Healthy man') has been attracting and meeting the daily needs of well styled men worldwide with their masculine stylish packaging, unique natural aromas, simple to use and highly effective shave, skin, body and hair care ranges, making VitaMan one of the world's most comprehensive grooming solutions where every product has been formulated to work synergistically with each other.

It's a results driven range backed up by scientifically proven ingredients to treat every possible skin and hair problem. VitaMan is a range for men of all ages, from effective shaving, & anti-aging formulas to up market hair styling products for the creative individual.

We're not saying that you will instantly develop the rugged charm and looks of the likes of Australian ubersexuals Julian McMahon, Simon Baker, Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman or even Sam Worthington, however NY Men now have the chance to experience a real part of the Australian wilderness without the need to leave the country. Natural aromas, free of harsh chemical's, artificial fragrances and colors, VitaMan has only recently become available in the US, first having great success in Barneys NYC and has now just become available in Bloomingdale's SOHO store.

Interestingly, VitaMan may not yet be known amongst the average NY male, but has already been introduced to many of our own Male Celebrities when it has been the selected Men's Grooming product in both the Film Academy and TV Emmy Awards ‘Celebrity Gift Bags', as well as chosen as exclusive Men's Products for the past two "G'Day USA" Australian tourism events. Do your self a favour (or your partner) and make the effort to visit Bloomingdales SOHO today to sample VitaMan for yourself- it's certainly a lot cheaper than a trip to the land down under!


Conveniently, you can purchase the VitaMan product line here through Fashionable Fragrances LLC, the Official USA dealer of VitaMan.

For further information, or if you are interested in carrying VitaMan products in your spa, please Contact Us.